Same-Visit Crown

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Your tooth restored today!

If one or more of your teeth suffers form cavities, discoloration,cracks or other damage, Dr.Thomas may recommend a crown. A safe and proven treatment option, Crowns are custom made appliances that cover your natural tooth structure to ultimately strengthen your tooth and improve the appearance of your smile. 

In the past restoring a tooth with a crown required at least two visits, normally with a week or even two between appointments.

Using new sophisticated technologies, today it's possible for Dr.Thomas to restore a tooth with a crown in just a single appointment. This long-lasting, natural- looking treatment can be completed in as little as two hours.

Multiple materials

  • BruxZir® NOW: The only fully sintered zirconia for in-office use, ready to deliver right out of the mill
  • CAMouflage® NOW: Quick, versatile composite with the best survival rate and cementation performance for ceramic-polymer crowns*
  •  Obsidian®: Monolithic glass ceramic material with trueto-life translucency
  •  BioTemps® NOW: Affordable PMMA material for esthetic, chairside-milled temporaries